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Standard Accounting, Simplified Communication, Peace of Mind

CathoNet delivers a solution you know how to use today on a platform you can trust for years and years to come.


With 9 MILLION users and 75% of the non-profit market, QuickBooks is the proven leader for your accounting.


Office 365 plus intuitive, secure document sharing, and a familiar experience make you instantly productive, together.


Powerful reporting simplifies standardization, improves oversight, and supports accounting best practices.


Running completely in the cloud, 24x7, CathoNet simplifies your computing, secures your data, and empowers your team.

A Powerhouse Combination

CathoNet brings together industry leaders you can trust to deliver for you today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Intuit QuickBooks

Most Trusted Non-Profit Accounting

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 and Collaboration

Right Networks Enterprise Class Hosting

The #1 Accounting Cloud

Our Solutions

CathoNet delivers the easiest solution to start using and the easiest solution to keep using.

Intuit QuickBooks

  • Over 9 Million Users
  • Most Trusted Accounting Software
  • Famously Easy To Use
  • Experts Throughout Your Diocese

Microsoft Office 365

  • The #1 Productivity Suite
  • Secure Collaboration
  • Leverage Your Expertise
  • Trusted by Millions

Standard Reporting

  • Diocese-wide Standard Reports
  • Individual and Consolidating
  • Powerful Data Warehouse
  • Growing Report Library

The Cloud

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Access
  • Fully-Managed Service
  • Enterprise-Class Business Continuity
  • Improve Business Focus

Our Story

We've walked in your shoes. We've shared your challenges.

At CathoNet, we've helped Catholic dioceses across the United States improve their fiscal management by leveraging the cloud to connect the Church with the most popular and most trusted accounting software. Our state of the art technology has enabled parishes, schools, and chancery offices to work together easily, reliably, and securely. What started as a collaboration between Right Networks and the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has grown into an industry leader.

In 2006, Bridgeport's Bishop selected recently ordained Deacon Bill Koniers to be Director of Parish Finance and tasked him with applying his 35+ years of success in global corporate financial management and operations to implement new standards and improved fiscal controls across the diocese. Deacon Bill collaborated with a team of priests, accountants, and bookkeepers to review their needs and evaluate dozens of solutions. Together, they chose a familiar and powerful combination of QuickBooks and Microsoft Office running within an enterprise-class Cloud from Right Networks. Enhancing this combination with a data warehouse and one-click consolidating reports gave the diocese what it needed to meet the objectives set by the Bishop.

The solution worked so well that Deacon Bill's presentation of Bridgeport's success at the 2007 Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference in Philadelphia marked a turning point for The US Church as dioceses and archdioceses from coast-to-coast rapidly adopted the solution. In 2011, with our solution fully deployed throughout over a dozen dioceses including Dallas, Chicago, Boston, San Jose, Fresno, and Honolulu, CathoNet was created as its own company. Today, CathoNet serves over 24 dioceses and remains the most rapidly adopted accounting system in the US Church, delivering its proven solution by combining the power and familiarity of QuickBooks and Microsoft Office with the stability and security of the Right Networks cloud.

CathoNet - Aligning Mission, Ministry, and Technology

Our Clients

Archdioceses and Dioceses Across the U.S. Trust CathoNet.


CathoNet offers a range of pricing options and packages for parishes, schools, and chancery offices. Typical deployments are diocese-wide using bundles such as the following with one or two users per parish. Contact us for additional options, details, and volume discounts.

*BYOL = Bring Your Own License (or purchase through us!)
**Purchased separately by you through Microsoft.

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